About Us


A group of young climate stewards provoking conversation along the Great Salt Marsh

What is a Climate cafè?

These are challenging times, and we have more difficult decisions to tackle than ever before – individually, as families, communities, countries ...and as global citizens. If you watch the evening news, you might agree that we’re not doing a very good job. We are polarizing, blaming, debating, arguing!

But there is a growing movement to fight polarization with a simple tool: respectful and honest discussion.


The fundamental skill required for a meaningful conversation is listening with empathy, and it is plummeting.

- Fourth graders are behaving like 1st graders on the playground, they won’t share - High schoolers are afraid of face-to-face conversations, and hide behind their phones - The empathy markers for college students has plummeted 40% over the past decade - Our leaders seem unwilling or unable to engage in civil discourse. 


So we offer Climate Cafès as an opportunity for all of us to relearn how to CONNECT, CLARIFY AND CREATE new perspectives that will help us shape a better future. The goal is to see the world through another’s eyes and try to understand their perspective -- not to “win” an argument or convince someone to change their mind...not to pontificate, blame, argue or debate.


Over the past three years, we have hosted more than 25 Cafès reaching over 1,000 people …where students and adults have come together to share their perspectives and engage in respectful dialogue about many climate change issues – including reducing our carbon footprint, protecting the salt marsh, and preparing for sea level rise.


We look forward to the future to continue fostering environmental awareness in our communities through conversation, and hope to see you by our sides!