Bailey Fogel, Newburyport

Greetings! I am an alumnus of  Newburyport High School and have been a part of the Café team for four years now. My love for the outdoors has been fostered by the beautiful marsh that I have grown up on. As I have grown older I have learned and seen how harshly my own environment is being impacted by climate change and I want others to understand that as well. I hope to create a community of conscious beings and connections through meaningful conversations. I have also been a member of the Gulf of Maine Institute (GOMI) team for four years and I am the president of the Environmental Club at the high school. Through my involvement in these groups, I have grown as a public speaker and learned out to create relationships with people of all ages in my community. In my future, I plan to take a gap year and the skills I have learned within my involvement will be a large help when I am thrown into the world beyond Newburyport. 

Tessa Devoe,


Hi! My name is Tessa Devoe and I’m am an alumnus of Ipswich High School. My journey to Climate Cafès began a few years ago when I happened upon my high school environmental club’s first meeting. In my time in the club, I came to love the idea of having a voice and the ability to make a change. That year I started small by being more conscious of my everyday actions: how much water I was using, did I turn the lights off after leaving the room, did my food come wrapped in plastic? styrofoam? After asking all of these questions and more, I realized how easy it is to change these things and have an actual impact on the world; if I could share this realization, I could help maintain our planet’s beauty. Climate cafés were the perfect place to begin spreading the word. I was able to voice my opinion in a safe environment and learn new information from all people of all ages and levels of expertise. As the current president of the Environmental Club, and a former education outreach intern at the Ipswich River Watershed Association, I have been able to profess my love of our beautiful home and wildlife with those around me. I hope that I can continue to spread the joy of the environment through these climate cafés and beyond! When I am not actively working on environmental initiatives I play cello in the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and tennis on my school team. I am currently attending Brown University. I am so excited to be a part of the amazing Climate Café Community!

Jaedin Guldenstern,


Greetings! My name is Jaedin Guldenstern and I am an alumnus of Newburyport High School. I have been working with the Café crew for three years now! Looking back on how Cafés have morphed throughout time, I have come to realize that the immense efforts we put into them have, in return, let us bloom as individuals ready to tackle just about anything. They have helped me learn how to facilitate balanced conversations, how to connect education and activism, how to integrate the “hard sciences” and “social sciences” through environmentalism, and how to wear your heart on your sleeve while advocating for your passions. Environmental dialogue and action is the only way we are going to see a drastic change for our planet in such times of need, especially by building bridges between different political views through developing empathy. Our Café community provides the resources, skills, and most importantly hope for this world. Through these past few years including hundreds of conversations with vastly different types of people, I have grown as a leader, public speaker, and a global citizen. After all, fortune favors the bold, and we must use our voices to rise as powerful change-makers.

Kendall Woods,


Hello, my name is Kendall Woods and I am an alumnus of Newburyport High School. This is my third year on the Climate Cafe team, and I am proud to say that participating in the Climate Cafe has impacted my life tremendously. As a timid freshman, my passion for the environment was in its early development, and my involvement with the group was minimal. As I have grown, as both a person and an environmentalist, my action has evolved into something I would have never expected. Hosting Climate Cafes monthly and presenting at conferences has helped me develop skills in preparation for my future in the STEM field. Over the past three years, transitioning from an under to upperclassman, I have truly found the passion behind the work I do. I realize that our planet gives so much to us— life, food, and resources. This is something we, as a global community, need to understand and appreciate on a much deeper level. I want to give back to my Earth which gives so much to me, and this is why I am motivated to continue the work I do. Even the smallest efforts add up to something big, and it is important to recognize that every single bit of action counts.