get to know the hosts


Mei Bradford, 


Hi! My name is Mei Bradford, I am a senior and the vice president of the Ipswich High School Environmental Club. I grew up surrounded by climate activists. My father and I are part of the Climate Resilience Committee in Ipswich, and both my parents protested the opening of the Seabrook Nuclear Plant. My sister attended an environmental college and volunteers at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Over the past year, Climate Cafes have completely changed my perspective on climate change. The past couple years I have noticed that the clock is ticking and that we are running out of time. I always thought that I was doing what I could and that it was enough. Although I still believe that what my family and I are doing is important, it is as important to encourage those around us to also contribute to the cause. I recently attended the Climate Strike in Boston and am working towards more environmental change in my town. I am currently working on getting an electric car charger in the IHS school parking lot. Our goal of saving the planet can’t be changed by one person, but all of us, working as a combined unit.

Margot Kelly,


Hi! My name is Margot Kelly and I am currently a Senior at Ipswich High School. I am president for our school’s environmental club and interned over the summer at Seaside Sustainability, a non-profit located in Gloucester. My favorite childhood memories have always been playing games in my yard and the woods outside my home. One day I realized, after reading an article on climate change, that the woods I used to love will one day be just that: memories. This past year, participating in the Climate Cafes have allowed me to expand my dedication as a leader, an environmentalist, and a member of the Great Marsh Community. We all have the capacity to change the world around us and our willingness to discuss and adapt is what will change it for the better.

Kendall Begin,


Hi! My name is Kendall Begin and I am a senior at Pentucket High School. I am a member of the Pentucket Environmental Club. I have always loved the beauty of nature for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing outside with my friends and taking my dog on walks through the trails at Veasey Park. As I got older, my love for science grew as well, as I have always been a very curious student. Now, I have combined these ideas into a passion for environmental science that is especially driven by impending climate change. Over the past few years, I have realized how important it is that we save our planet and how little time we have left to do so. I can not imagine a world without the beautiful landscape I grew up surrounded by and I would never want future generations to be deprived of this. Being involved in climate cafes has given me a sense of purpose in my community and made me feel as though I am helping protect my home. I think anyone and everyone should have a passion for stopping climate change. The only way we can achieve this is by working together!