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How are we making a difference?

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Cafes In the Works

1. Education Cafe: Are our schools' mission statements reflected in their actions? Creating our ideal mission statement.
2. Food Cafe: Developing a reverence and gratitude for our food, the role of the farmer, the soil and the clouds.
3. Privilege: Conversations about the personal work we must do around racism, as well as our collective responsibility.

Student Projects

1. The Cafe Almanac: a collection of environmentally focused art and literature to spur Cafe conversations
2. Video storytelling about the relationship between humans and this land from the indigenous people to future generations
3. Social Media and Website Creation and advertisement
4. Great Marsh Children's Book
5. Celebration of Women

Thought Projects

1. Ecosophy: Exploring the many paths and personalities of women who are protectors of the environment 
2. Graduation Video: Who are our graduating seniors and how are they making their mark?

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